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Welcome to our NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) blog. On this blog, you will find information and news about the NFT World. Every NFT world is different and unique, thus it allows you to build a community hangout, kingdom, or something else that might be of interest to you!


Welcome to NFT Monk!

NFTs have taken over most of the investments and art worlds as the latest digital assets. These are exciting and potentially risky assets that have evolved like a storm. NFTs have changed Blockchain technology which has been used for cryptocurrency trading in the past. Our blog will allow you to follow any important NFT projects, important news, articles, and NFT updates. The articles will outline the whole idea behind these tokens i.e., what are NFTs, how do these tokens work, and why they are becoming so popular.

About NFT Art

If you are a newbie to NFT Art then you might need to reveal your internet connection. This is because the NFT talk has been around for some time and in the past few months, this talk broke the internet. Most graphic designers and artists have adopted this revolutionized and creative industry, in an attempt of enjoying all its benefits. This NFT buzz is a trend in time when retail investors have been given different ways of investing their cash. Our blog will focus on why this non-fungible tokens Art has become the center of most discussions in the digital world.

About NFT Games

NFT games have picked up interest from investors and collectors who are looking for profits. This new development is exciting, creative, and linked to the real-world value using NFTs and any other Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. NFT games are used as a means of earning income because of their ability to offer play-to-earn models. Play-to-earn is a whole new evolution from the historical pay-to-play and free-to-play gaming models. This blog section will focus on how NFT games have managed to become popular, especially in the Game-fi world.

About our News Section

NFTs are becoming a hot topic that most investors are beginning to explore. You should never miss out on any NFT buzz again and read our NFT News. This blog section focuses on proper market research that helps you as a viewer to learn and discover new NFT promising projects. All upcoming events and NFT projects will be explored in detail. You will get all the regular updates and alerts on upcoming events before the final launch of any NFT project. Explore all the important and amazing upcoming NFT events as soon as they hit the market space. This information is also vital for existing investors to profit more and for new buyers to be drawn into the new digital markets.