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Celebrities and NFT Trademarks

The news of celebrities owning trademarks has been around for a long time, but now the buzz is about famous faces who are trademarking digital collectibles of their own. This means that the NFT digital world is ever-growing with the number of big names and brands. NFT Trademark applications of about, 3347 have been submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in May this year. In the year 2021, 2,197 applications were submitted, which clearly shows an increase in NFT Trademarks. However, this does not mean every idea submitted will develop into something. The following is a list of some celebrities and popular figures who are looking into getting secure patents in the met averse digital world.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish’s music company (Lash Music LLC) submitted two trademark applications in February for the Blohsh logo and the singer’s name. This shows that Eilish is in the process of growing her brand in the digital world of NFTs, collectibles, and virtual currencies. The trademark applications show that in the future, fans will be able to purchase goods for the online virtual world, downloadable computer software programs, video game software etc.

This move for patent applications and joining the metaverse world is a good step up for Eilish since she is a popular recording artist of Universal Music Group (UMG). Moreover, earlier in February there had been news that UMG will be collaborating with the musician on Curio, which is an NFT entertainment platform. This collaboration would bring to light future NFT licensed projects recorded and produced from UMG record labels.

Notorious B.I.G. LLC

Notorious B.I.G LLC recently submitted three trademark applications, for the gamified metaverse (The Brook). The gamified metaverse is based on the assumption that it will bring the 90s hip hop from the streets of Brooklyn to show how the culture and heritage influences the lives and work of artists.

Mike Kondouis posted on Twitter the list of B.I.G LLC trademark applications as follows:

  1. NFTs and digital collectibles
  2. Virtual clothing, footwear, and sports equipment
  3. An NFT exchange

This application from B.I.G LLC shows that The Brook is planning on bringing NFTs, an NFT exchange and digital collectibles. Through the creation of an interactive metaverse, Biggie and hip hop fans can now have their own community.

Kanye West

Kanye West once posted on Instagram stating that no one should ask him to do NFTs has recently shown interest of joining the digital space. Kanye submitted trademark applications for NFTs, online retail stores, and currencies. This was filed on May 27 to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We are all expecting Kanye to bring out some of the best NFTs.

David Beckham

DB Ventures (David Beckham’s firm) filed three trademarks on April 19, focused on footwear, entertainment, virtual clothing, NFTs, headwear etc. This new development came when Beckham officially became a brand ambassador for DigitalBits Blockchain. The partnership of Beckham is focused on bringing innovation and sustainability in every sector and introduce new and improved ways for Beckham to engage with his fans.

Moreover, more football stars are applying for the NFT trademarks, including Paris Saint-Germain who is ranked in the same bracket is Lionel Messi. He applied for trademark patents that covers virtual sports gear, crypto walkers etc.

Chuck Norris

Walter Texas Ranger has submitted four crypto and NFT trademark applications, which promises to introduce a native cryptocurrency that will be connected to Chuck Norris’s brand. One of the filings submitted is named “Chuck Coin,” which is a collection of coins used online and in virtual worlds. The other filing contains rights on providing access to non-downloadable software which is used in the trading, storing, sending of digital currency. In the near future, a NFT marketplace for native cryptocurrency will become available.

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