Coinbase Movie

Coinbase Movie – Coinbase is Creating a Bored Ape Film Trilogy

We have seen Bored Apes Everywhere on Twitter handles, T-shirts, clothing items, cans, etc., and these exclusive NFTs are rocking the digital space. If you have seen people walking in BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) jumpers, do not be surprised because a famous NFT project is coming out soon. On April 11, 2022, Coinbase and BAYC announced the launching of a new three-part film series that will feature the Bored Ape Yacht Club and other ApeCoin communities.

The Degen Trilogy

This new film series is called THE DEGEN TRILOGY. This is not a Hollywood size production, but a trilogy of short films. Members of the Bored App Yacht Club have been recently asked to submit their story ideas and characters to participate in this new series. These submissions should be forwarded to the film’s microsite for the opportunity to be selected by ApeCoin in this three-part adventure of special Bored Ape appearances. The submissions will be reviewed by a casting director to be considered for the characters in the films. The first release from the production of the Degen Trilogy will be aired in June.

The Degen Trilogy is a series of three films that is giving opportunities to digital ape lovers who haven’t related to the Bored Ape community to participate in the project. Moreover, these users will also get a chance to enter the Web3 world and benefit from educational and interactive elements. Mutant Ape NFTs collectors are not alleged to apply for this first part of the series, since they will be given an opportunity when the second film commences.

Ape holders will receive $10 000 of Bitcoin or Apecoin which will be deposited into their Coinbase accounts. The remuneration does not change even when the ape changes hands or when the owners change. This is also an opportunity for the NFT tech to support the creative liberation for artists to perform and benefit.

Coinbase Production

Anyone with a Coinbase wallet has access to the microsite and the frequent updates during the film’s development stages. These updates include story drops and Easter eggs, and access will be given to users to participate in voting for their favorite ape’s storyline. This is also an opportunity for Coinbase to grow its content while promoting and advertising this creative entertainment idea. Moreover, this film series is a new way for Coinbase to advertise its NFT marketplace. Coinbase’s forthcoming production will be a huge endeavor that will be endorsed by Yuga Labs and Bored Ape Yacht Club creators.

William Swann Coinbase entertainment and marketing director, `We wanted to find a way to celebrate the NFT space and really the utility of NFTs and make it a cross-over project that brings new people into the fold´.

For viewers to view these films, they must have a Coinbase wallet. These films are mostly meant for NFT digital space lovers, since they are not intended to get more people to buy cartoonish apes. Coinbase is aiming at bringing the next billion population into the digital space of the crypto world, and this interactive film series is the best catalyst that will enable viewers to understand the nature of Web3.

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