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Important Metaverse Projects Trending in 202

The world of crypto and technology is continuously evolving, and the metaverse is on top of the game. Facebook has recently changed its name to Meta, which is a prefix for “metaverse”. This means that the digital world is heating up if large social brands like Facebook are becoming part of this evolving technology and crypto world.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is referred to as the digital world where users (avatars) can interact with each other, and perform their daily duties in the same way it is done in the real world. Some define it as a bridge that overlaps the digital and physical world by bringing them together. It has led to the new evolution in online social media accounts, whereby users can now interact and connect with one another in more meaningful ways.

This metaverse space is expected to grow by at least 40% in the next eight years. This process is being speeded up by the expansion of virtual markets, leading to an increased demand for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. In the metaverse space, NFTs are the assets and crypto is the currency. Thus, the metaverse has continued to grow via numerous exchange platforms being used by investors and consumers.

The metaverse has managed to bring together NFTs and the decentralized power of finance by creating a bridge between the real and virtual world. Thus, various brands are joining this new reality with fear of being left behind. More projects are being produced in the digital space as the expansion of the metaverse continues. We have created a list of some top metaverse projects that you should look out for in 2022:

Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity LogoThis game has taken over the digital space, offering gamers a chance to enjoy themselves playing this fascinating game with animal-like characters while earning bucks. Most users have turned playing this game into a full-time job. Axie has native cryptocurrencies like AXS and SLP, which exist at the heart of the Ethereum metaverse. AXS owners gain several benefits besides playing the game, they also gain voting rights when it comes to the future plans of the game. Axie Infinity has been top-rated as one of the best since 2021, its value increased by 200% compared to the previous years. SLP (Smooth Love Potion) tokens are rewards earned when players complete adventures and battle modes. The popularity of the game has exploded, and the results are still being seen in 2022, thus Axie Infinity will compete and remain at the top in the metaverse.


Bloktopia LogoThe Bloktopia metaverse-based project allows users across a 21-story building to interact, experiment, learn, do business, and do other activities. This metaverse relies on the participation and progress of the users, thus the building will not be complete at first. Bloktopia has created a buzz that has spiralled

through some sneak peeks in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The launch of this project brought in new mechanisms for users to generate income and content. During its launch, users gained access from levels 1-6.

The first team in the skyscraper consists of big names in the crypto world like BinanceNFTs, BitBoy, etc. The 21 floors of the building represent 21 million Bitcoin coins. Bloktopia offers users a platform to create avatars, socialize, monetize and buy virtual lands. This means that users can create, learn, play and earn. Bloktopia uses a native token known as $BLOK, which is Polygon-based. After the fundraising, Bloktopia has developed new features which includes:

  • Penthouse and the 21 floors gaming area.
  • REBLOK (real estate).
  • ADBLOK (passive income via ads).
  • Bloktopia consists of the following features:
  • A native multichain wallet.
  • Effective marketing strategies.
  • A learning platform through crypto KOLS inside the metaverse.
  • Several earning opportunities.
  • A marketplace platform to buy and sell NFTs.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox LogoSandbox is becoming more popular amongst most Ether players, Sandbox is a game where players get the opportunity of buying and selling built-in plots in the form of NFTs. This game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is termed a decentralized platform because it has combined models of DAO and NFT. Sandbox is mainly focused on content creation and is based on a 3D voxel approach, which allows players to use design imaginations in creating and designing the worlds they want.

Any player can use SAND (Sandbox native currency) to monetize their gaming experience when playing the game. The entire Sandbox ecosystem is supported by the ERC-20 utility token. Sandbox has managed to create 70 million worlds and environments that have led to the growth of the NFT market. Users can now build applications and assets on top of their lands. Each land parcel is unique and lies on Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721).

The $SAND native coin has already featured on different coin platforms like Huobi, Binance, etc. The main features of this game are:

  • Meta transactions.
  • Play to earn economy.
  • Minimized blockchain transactions and interactions.


Decentraland LogoDecentraland is the only metaverse world that allows users to own virtual assets. It is known as a virtual social world based on the Ethereum blockchain. Decentraland allows users to trade digital assets, interact

and socialize with other players, play online games, etc. This platform is supported by a cryptocurrency called MANA, which is available for purchase on most crypto exchanges. Recently, Decentraland has integrated new eCommerce tools for advertising and marketing.

$MANA is available on trade exchange platforms like Coinbase, Binance, etc. The platform has the following features:

  • A platform for players to socialize.
  • Provides ownership to players to own digital assets.
  • A native marketplace for digital assets trading.

Sensorium Galaxy

Sensorium LogoSensorium Galaxy is sorely based on PRISM which is the entry point for entertainment and music. The collaboration of media companies, top-tiers, producers, etc. created the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse. PRISM grants access to users to view exclusive VR performances from top artists like Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, etc. The merging of top tier entertainment, VR and AI technology has managed to push Sensorium to offer a big hype of multisensory experience for users.

The platform uses a native currency called SENSO which powers blockchain technology and a decentralized digital economy. The SENSO token has versatile uses ranging from buying event tokens, creating avatars, and creating original content.

Since the migration of Sensorium to Wakatta, the system has upgraded in many ways. Transactions can now be processed 30 times much faster as compared to Ethereum. Transaction fees have been made cheaper to under $0.001. The system can now support several operations on the Sensorium Galaxy Marketplace.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas NFTStar Atlas is one of the first AAA crypto games in the world. This is one of the top-rated crypto games, with all the enjoyable and good stuff packed in one place. Star Atlas is top-rated for features like:

  • Monetization opportunities
  • Great digital settings
  • Interactive online community
  • Contains two tokens built on Solana blockchain (POLIS and ATLAS)
  • Token holders own governing rights

ATLAS is a coin-based game where users can access the marketplace and complete different game levels like completing battles, exploring different worlds of the game, etc. POLIS allows players to engage in “political intrigue”, players can make decisions, etc.

Events shown on Star Atlas represents the year 2620 when citizens will be buying land, growing and collecting resources, conquering politically. Users earn rewards in the form of tokens when they play the game.


Metahero LogoMetahero introduces 3D scanning technology for the physical and digital worlds. The buzz around Metahero is focused on the introduction of digital clones customizable by users for use in different metaverse activities. Metahero has merged with Wolf Digital World (WDW) to create photo-realistic features for AAA avatars. The combination of 3D face-like features and a life-like body type of the avatar enabled Metahero to create extraordinary AAA avatars.

Metahero allows users to scan their own bodies and mint them into NFTs to be used in the metaverse. These avatars can be designed with different powers derived from Assassin, Close Combat Specialist, etc. Users can level up their Recruits and trade NFTs to power up their Recruits. Meta scanners are used to scan, print, and create new avatars in the game. The native cryptocurrency coin for this platform is called the HERO.

Due to the introduction of the token, this platform has managed to gain 95K followers on social media accounts like Telegram. The main features related to Metahero include:

  1. The creation, buying, and selling of NFTs.
  2. Creation of 3D avatars.
  3. 3D scanning technology.
  4. Several ways of income generation.

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