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NFT Streetwear – Chris Brown and John Dean Launches `Auracles’ NFTs Collection

Chris Brown has announced the release of his first NFT project. Chris Brown has teamed up with John Dean, founder of L.A. based label Renowned) to launch an NFT collection that will be based on a Black shape-shifting superhero. The aim of this launch is to empower Black creations within the NFT space. This collection will be centered around ‘Áuracle’, who is termed a black superhero traveling through space and time to influence the world. This is an opportunity to shift the digital space in terms of collectibles, media, and entertainment.

‘’We believe that Web3 has the potential to correct a lot of issues that exist in the real world, the new collection will allow the creative industry to profit from their creations while still owning their narratives’’, John Dean said.

This project comes from Next Gen Creative Studio, which is designing a streetwear design that is in collaboration with the NFT release. These creations will be featured on avatars and some of them can be redeemed as physical pieces. The streetwear represents style of both the urban and cultural backgrounds all over the world. Users will be able to get the Auracle clothing when they get the NFTs listed on the Ethereum network and blockchain technologies.

The Auracle

Chris Brown and John Dean partnered with a team of web developers, 3D designers, and the BlackNFTArt (an online social media company) to provide 111 free Auracles NFTs to black people who are trying to enter the NFT space. The Áuracle’ is a black hero who possesses powers and the ability to shape-shift while time traveling and influencing the globe. BlackNFTArt is a collection of black people who come together with the aim of making sure that Black art is recognized with new companies and technologies. Their main aim is to ensure that Black Art is put first.
These free Auracles are aimed at people who are skeptical about NFTs to participate in the NFT space at zero costs. However, to participate in this digital space, each user must obtain a coin. Moreover, users will obtain education and building on wallets and how to keep their digital assets safe. The project will educate new people entering the NFT space about the Web3 or crypto community.

Press release has reported that the Auracle and streetwear collection will be expected to launch on May 10. The Auracle streetwear comes in 11 different styles, available in several colors. The first piece produced by Dean will be received by every user, which is a vintage t-shirt bearing the Auracle logo. There are other additional elements like a custom katana, discount codes, etc.


The Chris Brown and John Dean project will bring a new shift in the NFT space. A shift that will result in high tides as compared to the previous years. Other music giants like Snoop Dogg, Eminem etc. have joined this project. This proves that the NFT sector is an opportunity window for artists to promote their work and monetize their fame and creations.

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