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NFTs are Turning the Tattoo Industry Around

Since the launch of NFTs, the digital space has been spilling out a lot of benefits. NFTs have managed to create platforms whereby artists can manage communities, have ownership of their work, and generate incomes when they sell their artwork without the help of a middle source. Moreover, NFTs have supported the growth of the crypto industry while empowering musicians, painters, business people, etc. Recently, Scott Campbell (an American tattoo artist) has decided to join the digital world through NFTs.

Scott Campbell

He is a well-known guru in the ink industry. This guru has tattooed celebrities like Howard Stern, Robert Downey, etc. Campbell has formed a partnership with CTHDRL studio to bring NFTs into the tattoo industry. The press release has reported that this partnership launched an NFT gallery called Scab Shop. The season one launch will release designs from 12 talented tattoo artists throughout May and June.

“Tattoos serve a big part of how people take control of how they see themselves and how they are seen by others, the concept of tattoos should be carried across the physical/digital membrane along with everything else,” Campbell explained.

Scab NFT Shop

The Scab Shop is aiming at creating a digital space that will allow people to own their online identities in the same way as their physical ones. The project will be to bring experienced tattoos from all over the world into building an online audience that brings more culture to the digital Web3. The following is a list of artists involved in the 1/1 NFT tattoo designs:

Tati Compton: A well-known artist for her bold feminine designs that keeps on attracting more followers.

Sasha Masiuk: This artist is one of the top-ranked in LA, and owns studios n countries like Spain, Russia, etc.

Spider Sinclair: He is well known for creating fine lines and coming up with bold graphics using a single needle.

Brooke Candy: Known as a famous rapper and tattoo artist. She is well known for featuring in the ‘Genesis’ music video.

Andrea Malcolm: This tattoo artist is well known in San Francisco for Japanese tattoo art.

Mister Cartoon: His real name is Mark Machado, an American tattoo artist and his work has been noticed by big celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Eminem, etc.

Doctor Woo: He has 1.8 million followers on Instagram and has been featured in the New York Times. He is the most popular artist on the web.

Josh Lin: This artist is the founder of Synthetic Lab and is based in Taiwan.

Nathan Kostechko: His tattoo collection is well known as the ‘Heaven’, he is based in Los Angeles.

Campbell has partnered with these artists with the belief that NFTs can take their work much further. NFTs can help these tattoo artists to grow from bringing craftspeople to fine artists. This means that their work will not only be valued on the skin but appreciated in terms of ideas and creativity. With this new development, NFTs will be transforming tattoos into digital assets that can be collected, traded, and shown in digital space for everyone’s benefit. Artists will benefit even more by gaining new customers, collecting royalties, and reaching out to more people. Blockchain technology will now allow users to own digital versions of celebrity’s tattoos, e.g., the ‘Thug life’ tattoo of Tupac.

The transformation of tattoos into NFTs comes with a lot of benefits, which include earning money from secondary market sales and passing tattoos from generation to generation. Moreover, those who don’t want ink on their bodies can now acquire tattoos in form of digital assets and make their collections. The cost to NFT a tattoo is expected to be between $50-$350 to get a good NFT tattoo. However, it is easier to mint a tattoo before it gets on your skin, rather than minting an existing tattoo into an NFT. This requires additional work and a lot of time. Now is the time for everyone to own their NFT tattoos, all gratitude goes to the introduction of non-fungible tokens.

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