aimedis NFT marketplaceNon-fungible tokens have stretched to the medical industry with the introduction of the Aimedis eHealth blockchain technology platform. This is the first medical metaverse that has been developed by Aimedis all over the world. The Aimedis NFT Marketplace has enabled the opening of a virtual hospital in the digital metaverse and also offers space for other people, hospitals, universities, companies, etc. The Aimedis NFT Marketplace platform uses a multi-blockchain system to implement a decentralized blockchain that can save all transactions performed within the system. These transactions also include organ donor and vaccination pass. The Aimedis NFTs and tokens are handled on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The Aimedis NFT marketplace has a built-in mechanism that enables the buying and selling of scientific data. Aimedis NFT Marketplace supports 11 languages and is available all over the world, covering every country in the world.

History of the Aimedis NFT Marketplace

This eHealth platform was founded in 2017 and managed to upgrade its system to a newer version in 2020. The system upgrade has enabled the platform to be accessible on Android, iOS, and the web. The pharmaceutical Aimedis NFT marketplace, health records, prescriptions, doctor appointments, medical social media platforms, etc. are all displayed in a private blockchain for the patient.

Features of the Aimedis NFT Marketplace

The creation of Aimedis NFT Marketplace platform has proved to be beneficial to doctors and patients all over the globe. Aimedis NFT Marketplace has the following features:

A dual Blockchain Model

This model has been established to protect patient data and assets of the medical professionals. Aimedis NFT Marketplace uses a decentralized blockchain for transparency and a public blockchain for digital assets used inside the system. Moreover, there is a patient and doctor system that is protected from fraud mechanisms.

Special Tools for Medical Professionals

The Aimedis NFT Marketplace provide medical professionals with specialized tools that enable them to attend to their patients quickly. These tools include eSick certificates, private video chat module, ePrescriptions, etc.

Improved medical records

The Aimedis NFT Marketplace system allows patients to store all their medical data securely with connected trackers and IoT devices, which enables them to have full control over their medical data.

Aimedis NFTs

Aimedis NFTs consists of a lot of data which includes socio-economic, pharmaceutical, medical data etc. This data can be used to conduct online trials, selling findings from research and pharmaceutical organizations. Just like any other NFTs, the data providers also earn a small percentage whenever the Aimedis NFTs are resold or change ownership.

Aimedis NFTs are uniquely encrypted so that only the data buyer has access to the medical information and records. A new encryption key is created whenever the Aimedis NFT is resold to another buyer. Each Aimedis NFT can be traceable and the data provider’s identity is kept anonymously during the process.

Aimedis NFTs benefit several stakeholders and other bodies in the healthcare industry which includes caregivers and hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, patients groups, car manufacturers, AI companies etc. Aimedis NFTs are monetizing the healthcare market into a trillion-dollar industry.

Aimedis NFTs are embedded with a dual blockchain security measure, which provides data privacy requirements for each patient. These unique Aimedis NFTs can generate simple data that can be followed and traced easily on the blockchain. Aimedis non-fungible tokens have introduced certain standards that allow scientific and medical data to be calculated easily.

Moreover, Aimedis NFTs have allowed research companies, universities, and pharmaceutical companies to share medical data and funding together. Aimedis NFTs allow the introduction of new companies and data providers that enables the eHealth system to grow. These NFTs also act as a representation of ownership in the Aimedis Health City.

The Aimedis Token

The Aimedis NFT Marketplace system accepts a native token known as the AIMx which has the power to control all activities carried out on the platform. 135 million AIMx tokens are available for sale to private investors and institutions. Overall, the AIMx has 600 million tokens at maximum supply. These AIMx tokens are earned by users when they create content, sell medical data NFTs, or stake up their tokens. Moreover, users benefit from AIMx discounts. For example, a user earns 10% discounts for every data purchased using the AIMx token. In the other hand, companies benefit from a 50% discount whenever they place their ads.

How to Buy Aimedis Token

  • Aimedis cryptocurrency is hard to obtain. It is not available on the Coinbase app, but it can be bought from CoinMarketCap.
  • The first step is to open CoinMarketCap on your browser. Search for Aimedis.
  • Click on the button labelled “Market”, a list of places where the Aimedis token can be purchased. The list will also specify the cryptocurrency needed to purchase the Aimedis token. This is listed under “Pairs” as AIMX together with the second currency. For example, if you want to purchase the token in U.S. dollar, you can check for AIMX/USD and click on it.

The Future of Aimedis

In the coming future, Aimedis NFT Matketplace will integrate and launch AIMSocial. This will be a platform developed for patients to interact and support each other. AIMSocial will be supported by blockchain technology. This will be an incredible upgrade since Aimedis NFT Marketplace is the world’s first medical and scientific NFT marketplace for healthcare professionals, patients etc. Aimedis NFT Marketplace aims at improving digital global healthcare and changing the way doctors, patients, hospitals communicate, process and exchange healthcare information.