NBA Top Shot NFT LogoThe NFT technology has allowed sport fans to have a digital space where they can interact with their top clubs and players. One of the top digital spaces for this is the NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace. This is a popular NFT Marketplace that is operating fully on the Flow blockchain network. Basketball fans can use this platform to purchase their favorite teams, players, sports clubs etc. These digital moments can be purchased from a variety of individual collectibles or in packs. This trading platform has a daily volume of $490,961 per DAppRadar.

The History of the NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace

Dapper labs and the National Basketball Association collaborated and launched a new marketplace that enables NBA fans to exchange digital collectibles in the form of memorable sporting moments. The NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace was launched in October 2020. Since this launch, millions of top fans use this digital marketplace space to trade NBA highlights with each other. These NBA highlights are in the form of digital collectibles.

NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace Review

NBA NFTSince the launch of this marketplace, millions of users have managed to create accounts on this marketplace and are enjoying and keeping their memorable sporting moments. The NBA officials pick the top-rated and most interesting game highlights and they issue them in limited edition series. These NBA highlights operate the same way as any other NFTs, while they can be listed on the marketplace with several copies, some of them are hard to come by. However, owners of these NFT collectibles do not own any footage actual rights, they own the collectible. This means that the NBA is the copy write owner. These digital files are more than video files because they come with a lot of data on player stats and the real performance in real time.
The marketplace is divided into 3 sections i.e. The Latest Sales, All Listings and Find a Moment. The fans can purchase Nugget Moments, The Latest Moments and Most Valuable Listings. There is an option to filter the search option by entering player details, team details etc. On the Sales section, there is information about the latest NFTs bought, prices, time etc. Basketball players information like age, weight, date of birth can also be searched on the platform.

How Can I Buy NFTs on the NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace?

NBA Top Shot NFT ReviewIf you are new to investing in the NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace, you need to create a Dapper account to get started. This digital wallet gives the sport fans 100% control of crypto assets using smart contracts. Basketball fans can now sync their Google account to sign up on the NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace. At this stage, sports lovers can tap on any crypto collectibles of their choice and receive dates and time of the matches, the lowest asking price, NFT type and description of the crypto collectible. Moreover, they also receive email updates when NFT drops occurs.

  1. To get started in purchasing NBA Top Shot NFTs, you must visit the web page and head over to the home page.
  2. From the home page, you can now view all the highlights listed. You can purchase these highlights either individually or in packs. A pack contains more than one digital collectible.
  3. To complete the process, you must ensure that your Dapper wallet has enough cryptocurrency in the form of Bitcoin or Ethereum. The platform also allows you to purchase directly using your debit/credit card. But this incurs a 5% service fee.

How Can I Sell NFTs on the NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace?

Selling moments on this platform is easy and straightforward:

  1. Head over to the moments page and click on the moment you want to sell.
  2. The next step is to confirm the moment you want to sell and the price. It is advisable to compare prices of the other moments listed by different sellers to get a rough idea of how much you can charge for yours.
  3. Once your moment has been listed for sale, you wait for a customer to purchase it. When you get a sale, you will receive a confirmation email into your account or a notification on your NBA Top Shot account space.

Besides buying and selling NBA Top Shot moments, you can also gift these moments. To do this you click and choose the moment you want to gift, a drop-down menu will appear presenting you with the option to sell or gift. Select gift and type in the details of the person you want to gift (i.e. username of the person). You must ensure that you get the correct username, since people can have similar usernames. Click send, and the person will receive the moment within 15 minutes.

Do I need a Wallet for the NBA NFT Marketplace?

NBA NFT MarketplaceDapper is the best and unique wallet that works well on the NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace. This wallet is top-rated because it is free to use and takes only a few minutes to set it up. This wallet is not suitable for Ethereum based NFTs because it was specifically designed for Flow Blockchain technology.

Is NBA NFT Marketplace the best Marketplace for NFTs?

The NBA Top Shot is an exciting innovation in the digital world of fans and their sports clubs. Owning a simple trading card is far less than owning the best highlights, thus this innovation is seen as a huge improvement by most sport fans. Most sport fans find this platform interesting, and they experience a great time trading and collecting NBA NFT collectibles. Since the NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace operates on the Flow blockchain, the platform and network are secured against hacks and malicious attacks. Transactions are processed quickly, and users can recover their lost keys in no time.