SuperRare NFT Marketplace LogoSuperRare is a popular NFT Marketplace, well known for trading in art, unlike any other NFT Marketplaces. This marketplace does not trade any other digital assets. SuperRare ensures that all the NFTs listed on the platform are one-of-a-kind, and it gives guarantee for all these NFTs. This platform is most suitable for NFT Art lovers and experienced artists. It is a bridge that is between real-world galleries and the digital space. Thus, Art NFTs are made to be more accessible to traditional art buyers and these NFTs are traded only between hand-picked artists.

History of the SuperRare NFT Marketplace

This NFT Marketplace was founded in 2018 and is based only on art-oriented NFTs. It does not list any artists related to games, music or other digital assets. It has listed artwork ranging from conceptual art, photorealistic illustrations etc. In 2021 the platform introduced the RARE token, thus transforming the platform into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). SuperRare NFT Marketplace has various popular investors which include Samsung, Ashton Kutcher, etc.

How Does SuperRare NFT Marketplace work?

SuperRare NFTSuperRare NFT Marketplace ensures that every artist who wants to list and trade NFTs is vetted before being given access to the Marketplace. Thus, the practice of fraudulent activities is rare on this site. Moreover, this ensures that quality digital items are traded on the platform. Every work that is traded and sold on the marketplace is a single edition, thus each piece is unique.

Artists receive an initial royalty fee of 85% when they sell their work, and 10% royalty fees each time the artwork changes hands. These fees have been properly built and curated into smart contracts to ensure that artists continue to receive an ongoing revenue for their work. SuperRare NFT Marketplace also ensures that collectors are paid a royalty fee.

How to Buy NFTs on SuperRare NFT Marketplace?

Buyers are referred to as “collectors” on the SuperRare NFT Marketplace. The user’s purchased items are listed on their profile under collections. The following are the steps to be followed when you want to be a SuperRare collector:

  1. Wallet: SuperRare does not support or provide a system wallet, thus users have to connect their third-party wallets. These wallets include Wallet Connect, MetaMask, and Fortmatic.
  2. Creating an Account: Users will be prompted to create a username and password after their Wallet has been connected. To finalize the process, users must agree to other terms and connections requested by the system. After that, the account will be ready for use.
  3. Selecting NFTs on the Marketplace: Browsing and selecting NFTs on the SuperRare NFT Marketplace is easy. Users can scroll down on their home page or landing page to view news feeds and the NFT artworks available on sale or at auction. Moreover, users can personalize the news feed to only show NFT sales from specific creators. To view everything available, for sale or auction, you can also use the “market tab”. Adjustments can also be made depending on your preferences to view specific Artwork or Artists. The search tab is also available and it makes the process quicker if you know the exact NFT you will be looking for. The “features tab” shows special collections found on the site.
  4. Purchasing an NFT: To purchase an NFT from the marketplace, the first step is to scroll and search for the NFT you want to purchase. NFTs will be listed on sale and auction prices. To buy an NFT listed at auction prices, you must make an offer first and wait for the seller to confirm. NFTs listed at sale price requires you to select the “Buy it Now” option and proceed to complete the purchase. You can also make an offer if you don’t want to pay the listed price. The most important point is to ensure that you have enough cryptocurrency (ETH) in your wallet to make purchases. To view your purchased NFTs, head over to the Collections tab on your profile.

How to Sell NFTs on SuperRare NFT Marketplace?

The selling process of NFTs on SuperRare is difficult and complicated because the platform requires only true crypto art to be sold. This means that sellers have to pass and provide certain requirements as requested by the marketplace. The first step when becoming a seller is to apply at the marketplace. Sellers must abide to certain standards when selling crypto art on this marketplace. For example, the platform requires only original NFTs to be listed. This means that the NFT must have been created by the owner of the account. NFTs listed for sale must not have been tokenized elsewhere. Thus, SuperRare NFT Marketplace is known for selling unique digital art.

How to Mint an NFT on SuperRare NFT Marketplace?

Once your account has been confirmed and approved, you can now start minting your NFTs to sell. The process of minting an NFT on this platform is easy:

  • Go to your browser and search for
  • Once the page is open, follow all the instructions in relation to a seller account and upload your digital asset. Make sure you put all the information and descriptions in relation to the digital asset.
  • Create the token. At this stage, you will be liable for the gas fees that are related to the minting process. Thus, you should ensure you have enough ETH to cover these fees before you begin the minting process. The tokenization process can take several hours before the NFT can be approved.

Is SuperRare the Best NFT Marketplace?

In terms of security, SuperRare is rated to be safe because it is based on Pixura. However, users must be cautious of any malicious or suspicious activity that happens on these digital platforms. SuperRare delivers high quality art that has never been tokenized anywhere else. The company does not focus on games, sports, etc. but exclusively on crypto art.