New NFT Drops 2022

The New NFT Drops – The Best NFT Art Projects for 2022

Since the launch of NFTs, the internet has been buzzing and popular NFT Marketplaces have been loaded with different types of digital assets. The prices of the most popular projects continue to rise in the NFT space. NFTs have transformed the digital world, especially the NFT Art projects. Due to this never-ending buzz in the NFT world as new NFTs are continually being launched, it can be hard to know which projects are worth your money. However, this news article will clear up all the confusion about big investments in 2022.

Top NFTs to Buy in 2022

Yubo: Recently, Yubo released a new NFT collection called Yubo Randos which enables everyone to have a rando in their life. This collection has 10,000 different Randos with unique characters that differentiate them. All these Randos live on Ethereum Blockchain, and they attract a 10% royalty fee when sold anytime. These Randos are awkward and weird, but enables you to earn amazing perks for every transaction. The Yubo app allows you to send, share and pin your Rando NFT on the app. Users also get the ability to use their collection of NFTs on Yubo. The first event is for July 2022. A Rando costs 0.1 ETH on the Yubo`s NFT auction. Randos give users to access exclusive VIP features on the app, these Randos can also be used as profile pictures by their owners, and users are granted access to live VIP events. When special events and giveaways are held on the Yubo app, current Yubo users also get access.

Crypto Barristers- NFTs for Coffee Lovers: This is a new NFT drop that has been developed for caffeine lovers. The aim is to raise funds using caffeine-Loving characters to improve the livelihoods of communities that grow coffee. The collection has 60 tokens of fun-loving and looking baristas who bring their methods and thoughts on how to make the best coffee. A new shop will be opened in New York (for the coffee lovers in the real world). Crypto Baristas is also looking into investing its operations and improve farm operations by partnering with an established farm. The platform will also be used to educate people on managing difficult working conditions etc. Crypto Baristas can be bought on Rariable and season one consists of characters like:

  • Sherlock Foams #053
  • Wadsworth #054
  • Bjornar #055
  • Mr. Kraken #056 etc.

Doodles- Vote on the Future of Your NFT Community: These are the best NFTs to invest in for long-term investments and include 10,000 characters which range from pickles, and skeletons to cats. Doodles characters have taken over the world of NFTs by storm. Each Doodle is unique and hand-drawn by Scott Martin (the illustrator). Token holders can decide and say how they want their community to move forward. This means that once a user owns a Doodle, they earn the right to vote on the Doodlebank. The Doodlebank is a reserve that holds more than $5 million in cash that is used in launching new projects. Due to the evolution of the Doodles project, Martin has managed to release Doodles in space, which is a new collection of intergalactic accessories and spaceships for existing Doodles. This new NFT drop can be accessed by anyone who already owns a Doodle for free, thus increasing the value of the potential NFT.

Best Animated NFT – Invisible Friends: Research from the technical perspective has shown that the Invisible Friends NFT collection is the best NFT token. Each piece of token that is found in this collection has unique characters with special features that dawned in style and walk on a loop. This was a difficult NFT collection to create since 5000 different characters must be created to meet life-like characters. Some of the moving characters must balance items on their hands and they must move fluidly without going anywhere. Markus Magnusson is the sole creator who enabled the success of this project. This project is hosted on Discord (a platform with 250, 000 members) on the Random Character Collective. The entire Invisible Friends collection is sold out, but users can buy it on platforms like OpenSea. These NFTs are selling for 6-7 ETH/$20,000.

Popular NFT Collection – Mutant Ape Yacht Club: The Mutant Ape Yacht Club is a new project by Yuga labs, and it consists of 20,000 Mutant Apes. The strategy for the Mutant Ape Yacht Club is to reward Bored Ape holders with new, exciting, and fun NFTs. For users to create these Apes they must expose a Bored Ape to a viral Mutant Serum. After this exposure, the bored ape will be instantly transformed into a new piece of digital art that is related to the original but unique. Mutant Apes can also be created by minting a Mutant Ape. M1, M2, and M3 Mutant Serums were air dropped from Bored Apes for the creation of Mutant Apes. For a Mutant Ape to retain the traits of the original version, it must be exposed to M1 and M2 Mutant Serums.

These NFT projects listed above have attracted attention in the digital world and are promising exciting new features for digital art collectors. If you are interested in buying NFTs today, then you can opt for Yubo Randos. Yubo Randos offers you 10,000 different Randos to choose from to suit your style. Moreover, Yubo allows you to start building your digital community and share your Randos.

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