Val Kilmer NFT

Val Kilmer Reclaims his Voice Through NFT Art

Actor Val Kilmer lost his voice in 2014. He had spent years playing the roles of Jim Morrison, Batman, etc. until he was faced with this tragedy that left him fighting to keep himself alive as an artist. The actor suffered a great tragedy in the process of removing throat cancer, in the process the procedure ended up affecting his vocal cords. Despite this tragedy, Kilmer has turned to Web3 to reignite his talent so that his spirit continues to burn. Kilmer is now devoting his time to art, creating the boldest, vibrant energy and incredible iconic art pieces. The press has announced that some of the actor’s art pieces are spreading all over Hollywood. These include bold prints of Mark Twain, Iceman (from Top Gun), Jim Morrison, etc.


Kamp Kilmer LogoVal Kilmer is launching KAMP KILMER (a virtual space where artists can share ideas and make collaborations on music, art, film, etc.) through the partnership he made with Galaxis. KAMP KILMER is the first Glaxis Art Engine, which was transformed from one of Val’s most famous and bold art pieces. The idea behind this is to have a project that would run autonomously for the next generations. KAMP KILMER is an enclave that would enable projects to evolve and continuously progress beyond our lifetimes as humans. This enclave would enable Kilmer to keep on communicating with pirates, academics, filmmakers, or any other actors that have made his life rich. This new NFT will allow users and artists to create artworks that can continue to evolve while collaborating with other people in their communities.

A press release announced that KAMP KILMER has a free NFT that is available now, with only a gas fee payment. Users who buy this free NFT will be granted a future utility to unlock and access the upcoming GOD PANELS collection when it’s released.

Val Kilmer said, ‘I am grateful to Galaxis for enabling my vision and creating a first-of-its-kind art engine that utilizes cutting-edge blockchain technology that enables the creation of collections of collaboratives, dynamic, continuously evolving digital art pieces.’

Collaboration with Galaxis

Galaxis approached Val Kilmer intending to bring his God Panel Collection online. Galaxis is well known for the ability to transform real-world into digital assets. It was founded in Singapore by Ben Ong and Ether Cards in 2021. The original exhibit of Kilmer had a series of panels written, ‘God’ which encouraged viewers to analyze and reflect on their relationship with the word. The launch of God Panels NFT will give users the ability to own digital pieces of the art collection which can evolve, allowing other artists to add their interpretations and understanding of the word.

GOD PANELS NFT has two phases, the Genesis, and the Expansion Phase. The Genesis Phase involves the selling of God Panel art pieces that were created by Kilmer. When all these art pieces from the Genesis Phase have been sold out, the project will move on to the Expansion Phase. In this phase, artists can take a Genesis piece and create an exciting new piece of art that showcases their talent and style. Thus, the Expansion Phase continues to increase through collaborations. These collaborations can be done by taking a small piece of the Genesis Phase and incorporating it into the new element, or by embellishing a large art piece on top of the Genesis Piece.

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