Welcome to our NFT Art blog page. The world of tokenized art. Here you will find all the information about NFT Art. NFT Art has become more beneficial to collectors and artists. The NFT Art is growing very fast, reaching a lot of people who are interested in the digital world. These pieces have been sold for mind-blowing prices, thus making headlines and top stories even in traditional auction houses. Most artists and designers are working with different brands to enter the metaverse. This page will also answer the most frequently asked question, ‘How to create NFT Art?’

What is NFT Art?

NFT ArtNon-fungible tokens are having their Big Bang buzz, thus leading to the introduction of NFT Art. Some say NFT Art is all about videos, images, pictures, etc. But what is the meaning of NFT Art? NFT Art is defined as the new way for designers to make money online through their artwork. NFT Art is the fastest and easy way for designers to showcase their creativity and earn during the process.

Talented designers have found this digital world as the most rewarding and beneficial platform. They save a lot of time from doing follow-ups for late payments and waiting for feedback from customers. Before the introduction of NFT Art, artists and designers had to follow up on exhibitions and markets to sell their artwork and earn money. But now with NFT Art they can move their art collections, opening their adverts to a bigger crowd globally. Thus, NFT Art is a novel way for artists to generate income.

Most artists and graphic designers had suffered from holding a stable income because they had to do odd jobs or any other form of related work to make up for income loopholes. This is because an artist must be patient to grow in the competitive world before they can get stable customers who can be consistent. NFT Art changed everything, especially for those artists who had a small market and were less privileged. NFT Art platform grants artists and designers access to a larger market and global audience. NFT Art marketplace comes with the benefit of online followers, thus the artwork will have more exposure all over the globe. However, the tricky part is for the artists to convert their large number of followers into actual buyers.

NFT Art also ensures that the artists gain a protective environment that produces money. Anyone can make NFTs if they have a computer. Millions are being made online in the NFT Artworld (e.g. Nyan Cat sold at least $600).

How to Create NFT Art?

non fungible token artThe first step is to answer the question, ‘How to create NFT Art?’ To do this you must make the first strategy of listing the NFT Art for sale is to establish a “Crypto Wallet.” This wallet acts as a storage for Ethereum that will be used to settle minting fees. The next goal is to get on the online platform, thus the crypto wallet must be connected to the NFT marketplace. This marketplace enables artists and designers to upload their NFT Art for sale. There are two choices when uploading this artwork, you can either upload one piece of artwork and sell it or you can upload a collection of the artwork with copies. NFT marketplaces operate in the same way as eBay, Amazon, or Etsy, the only difference is that they sell NFTs only.

The popular markets you can upload your NFT Art artwork range from SuperRare, OpenSea, Rariable, etc. Keep in mind that the value of your artwork will be determined by how rare the piece is and the number of original editions linked to the artwork.

How to Sell NFT Art?

If you are a new digital artist who is looking for a market to sell NFT Art, then this blog is for you. Most artists have embraced this digital world and are making cool money while showcasing their talents all over the world. In the last 3 years, at least $400 million NFTs have been exchanged on the NFT marketplace. So how do you grab your piece of pie from the NFT marketplace as an artist? Follow the steps below to get started in selling your NFT Art:

  • After creating your wallet, buy ETH from any cryptocurrency broker and send it to your wallet. If you are using BC Bitcoin, you must transfer the coins to your address. If you are exchanging, then you can withdraw the ETH after you have purchased it.
  • After you are done with funding your account, get your artwork ready. If you are not sure about the competition on the marketplace, you can browse the marketplace to get a few tips. This will help you in knowing what sells and what doesn’t sell. Remember that your NFT Art can be in the form of a video or image, but must be of 100MB maximum size.
  • Choose your preferred marketplace and follow the instructions to upload your NFT Art. However, the work does not stop there. The next step is to promote your content on social media platforms. If you are using OpenSea marketplace, you will be required to update and include all your social media pages on the marketplace. Other experts in the industry recommend that you release free editions of NFTs to build your audience and followers on the NFT marketplace.

Checklist for NFT Art

NFTs are becoming popular commodities since the year 2021. Their continued growth seems not to be ending anytime soon. However, these digital tokens have huge prices and they sell for millions of dollars. Here are some of the factors you must consider before spending a chunk of money on NFTs:

  • Official Seller Verification
    Make sure that the seller you are dealing with has a blue verification tick on their marketplace account. That blue tick shows that the account has been verified and is legit. It can be trusted.
  • How Unique is the NFT Art?
    NFTs with high promising values have rare properties as compared to others. Go to the properties section of the NFT Art you want to purchase and check the item’s property percentage. A low percentage means the item is less common.
  • Existing Fees
    When you buy NFT Art or do a crypto exchange, you incur a transaction fee e.g. OpenSea charges 2.5% on the sale value of the NFT Art, while Rariable charges that 2.5% on top of the price of the item. So be aware of any existing fees before making any purchases.
  • Check the Seller Account
    It is helpful to check the seller`s account and analyse some of the listings listed on that account. This will help you in deciding if you are making the right decision with your investment or not. Some sellers have verified accounts, which means that those accounts are authentic.

Are NFTs the Future of Art?

NFTs Art NFT MonkThe answer to this question is not certain yet! Although NFT prices dropped by 70% in April 2021, it seems that NFT Art will unlikely run out of action anytime soon. Our digital industry has been changing since the last decade, thus NFT Art is becoming something that everyone is comfortable with. Experts consider NFT Art a good investment that allows them to access exclusive communities. Other pundits, on the other hand, believe that physical art is not going to be completely replaced by NFT Art anytime soon. However, the NFT market is still prospering in 2022 but facing the same online risks which buyers must assess before investing. When dealing with art, it is important to look at the piece and its properties before you end up owning something that is of low value. Buy a piece of art if you think it is cool, not just because it is an NFT.

How to Buy NFT Art?

Before you think of using your debit card on the NFT marketplace, it is crucial to understand that NFTs are mostly purchased on OpenSea through cryptocurrency. Transactions are done with Ethereum, and you must have a cryptocurrency wallet. The most common wallet options are MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet.

The first step is to visit the login page on the OpenSea website and connect your crypto wallet. On your profile page, you can view your favorite NFT Art and any recent market activity. Browse the marketplace and prepare to make a purchase. There are two options available when purchasing NFT Art online i.e. a “Buy Now” option or ‘Place an Offer” option. If you opt for the second option, you can manually type in the amount you want to spend on that NFT. Also, state the expiration date. Once the exchange is complete, you can check under the “Collected” tab for your NFT Art. Remember OpenSea takes 2.5% from every transaction.

Top 5 Expensive NFT Art

NFTs are generating more value as they continue to evolve all around the world. They have become the center of attention ever since a piece of art was sold by artist Beeple for US$69.3 million last year. These non-fungible tokens are unique in that they exist only on the internet. Here is a list of some of the most expensive NFT Art ever sold:

The Merge

Beeple took the first position in March 2021, followed by Pak in December 2021. Pak developed ‘The Merge’ which is the most expensive NFT Art. This artwork was advertised and sold on Nifty Gateway for US$91.8 million. Pak`s artwork is mostly known as the puzzle since it was dematerialized into 266,445 digital units which were shared between 28,983 buyers.

Buyers were given an option to purchase this artwork in units priced at US$575, this price increased by US$25 every six hours. Thus, the total selling price of his NFT Art managed to reach US$91.8 million. Pak has been on the top-rated list for two decades and more.

Every day: The First Five Thousand Days

This NFT Art artwork takes the second position for several months. The NFT Art is named five thousand days because it was built in image pieces that were made every day from the year 2007 to 2020. This collage of 5000 images was bought by Vignesh Sundaresan for US$69.3 million. The first five thousand days was one of Beeple`s finest and most expensive artwork.

Human One

Beeple made another entrance on the NFT marketplace when he sold his third NFT Art artwork in November 2021 for US$28.9 million. This NFT Art was an evolving sculpture, which appeared to be walking on changing landscapes. The creativity and work put into this NFT Art artwork were massive and it enables the artist to have total control over the piece. Thus, make changes to the landscape and other elements.


This is the most expensive NFT Art series in the world which was launched in 2017. The series comprises of 9 alien punks which possessed special features. It is a special masterpiece that also depicts the Covid pandemic due to the accessory of the surgical mask it will be putting on. The artwork depicts a character that is wearing a knitted orange cap with earrings.

Right-click and Save As guy

Xcopy also made an entrance in the NFT marketplace in December 2021. The NFT Art artwork was sold for US&7.09 million on the SuperRare marketplace. This NFT Art artwork was made to send a message to people who do not believe in NFTs, who think that these NFTs can be right-clicked and downloaded in no time. This artwork depicts a guy wearing a hoodie, large shades and red-coloured lips. The lips are constantly moving.

What is the best Marketplace to sell NFT Art?

NFT Art InformationsThe best marketplace to sell NFT Art is on OpenSea. The NFT Art you can sell on OpenSea can be in the form of video clips, songs, memes, drawings, and many more. The NFT marketplace allows you to create anything you want; your imaginations can run wild while creating a masterpiece. The rule of thumb is to create something that people are willing to pay for.

OpenSea is the leading marketplace when it comes to NFT Art. This platform contains different types of digital assets and the signing up process is free and easy. Moreover, artists and designers who are newbies in the business can use this platform to create their own NFT Art (process also known as ‘minting’).OpenSea is well known for having the lowest transaction fee which is 2.5% of the total price of an item.