Welcome to the world of NFT games where players earn cryptocurrency into their wallets while having fun game-playing. Companies can limit the number of NFTs floating in the market, thus upgrading their items to premiums to earn more profit. How exciting is that?

NFT Games Meaning

NFT GamesHave you ever heard of Chain Clash? This is a new mobile game that is powered by blockchain. In case you are a newbie to these blockchain-powered games, read this article to get a better understanding of this new world of gaming that has hit the digital market. The NFT games meaning is linked to the ability of these games to generate income through playing.

Crypto and video game worlds are fast colliding, thus giving the rise to “play-to-earn” video games. Investors are using the conceptual framework of the NFT token and applying it in digital goods. This is quite different from the traditional “pay-to-play” game models in that NFT games pay you to play.

The NFT games meaning relates to a digital world where players earn money from collectibles. Not only does the player earn an incentive as a reward, the company that makes the game benefits from a stable financial stake. Players are rewarded with unique items that they can easily own since they have verifiable ownerships. These unique items can be sold or traded for a profit. When a player buys an in-game asset as an NFT, they do not only get the utility part of the game but the right to own the actual digital asset. Thus, they will benefit from the option of either selling/trading it or they can convert the value back.

Checklist for Important NFT Games

  • Scarcity of Digital Assets
    Blockchain has managed to cap the supply of digital assets in the market. the limited supply of the digital asset in the market leads to an increase in the value of the asset.
  • Is the Digital Asset Important?
    If the game represents a significant and broadly recognized period that cannot be repeated, it becomes highly valued and its demand increases. This also goes for digital assets that represent a sentimental value to some people.
  • Minted Order of the NFTs
    #1 or #75 are all important in placing a significant value on the comparative values of NFT games.
  • Digital Asset`s Utility
    What utility value does the digital asset bring to the owner? Does it give a significant reward or a special purchase discount etc.? Does the game have utility beyond one game, or it can be used in several games? This increases the value proposition of the game. Other owners benefit more from games that they can rent out for additional income.
  • Attributes of the Digital item
    How does it look and sound? This is important because in the digital space the value is also assessed the same it is done for physical art pieces.

How Can I Play NFT Games?

As stated by the NFT games meaning, these tokens are specific and can be exchanged for money. For example, in a game like Decentraland, players use a specific token called MANA to buy any type of virtual goods ranging from land plots, gear, vehicles, etc. When a game becomes popular, its token value also increases. Here is a list of some of the top 5 new NFT games:

New NFT Games

Axie Infinity

This is a new NFT game which is more like the Pokeman game whereby you collect fantasy monsters for trading or breeding. These monsters are the NFTs that can be sold in the digital marketplace.


This is a game for football lovers! Just like any other football match, you put together your team of players and get rewarded for how well they perform in the real world. The only difference is that these players are represented by NFTs. Sorare is one of the top NFT games that has managed to create an experience of collecting football cards.

Evolution Land

This game is a bit different from other top NFT games. It focuses on a city builder who can buy land and build buildings. The idea is to increase and expand space. It also incorporates the use of units called Apostles that are used to find unique units that can be expanded.

Gods Unchained

This is one of the most exciting entry-level games for NFTs. It is linked to the former directors of The Magic the Gathering series. The idea is to collect different cards that are NFTs.


This game is mainly centered around the Ethereum blockchain whereby you collect various cats that you can breed to increase their numbers. You can also play side tasks like completing puzzles to add more progress to your main game. This is a new NFT game that is top rated by most game players.

Can you Earn Money with NFT Games?

NFT GamingA lot of people around the world are making money playing NFT games in the world of GameFi. Gaming has turned from being an enjoyable hobby to a multibillion industry. Due to the rise of blockchain, game players can also generate income from NFTs or cryptocurrencies. However, the only way to gain returns in the metaverse is to do the actual game playing. There is no such thing as “typical earnings”, thus returns vary. But you can have fun and earn some rewards for the time you spend playing these games. It is important to do proper research on the play0to-earn games that might interest you and prepare for your GameFi experience. You can have fun and earn valuable cryptocurrency as well.

NFT Games for Smartphones

Mobile gaming generates more revenue as compared to consoles and PCs. The mobile market takes about 48% of the total gaming market. Thus, making smartphones the most popular gaming device. Not everyone owns a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation but most of the population uses smartphones daily. If you search the market, you can find that the ratio of smartphone owners is often high as compared to console or PC owners. The most popular games on smartphones are play-to-earn. This is because these games are played by mobile users on the go. The most common game themes played on these mobiles are battle-based games. The joy of earning rewards and profits on the go is very exciting and entertaining to most players. This makes it the perfect opportunity to start playing more games and trading them on various digital markets for more rewards.

NFT Games for iOS

Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular because of the iteration of the gamified feature of the blockchain. iOS users can opt for many titles of games that they can play if they want to enter the NFT online gaming market. These games can be played on different iOS devices like iPad or an iPhone. The most popular new NFT game that can also be played on iOS devices is ‘Axie Infinity’. Some users also enjoy playing ‘War of Ants’ whereby they will be testing their strategies in real-time combat by protecting the Queen from enemies. ‘Synergy of Serra’ is another interesting new NFT game whereby the player is required to protect the planet of Serra from alien invasion. The best part is that new users can use their first 90 special cards for free.

NFT Games for Android

Most android users are familiar with the Sorare football NFT mobile game. This is a card game that features mostly players in premier leagues. The cards are categorized into a rare and unique limited order. Players create their teams when they purchase these cards and win matches. These cards can be bought on the platforms in the form of NFTs and can be traded later by the owner for profits. Gods Unchained is also one of the top-ranked mobile games. It includes trading card themes like legendary, epic, shiny, etc. These trading cards represent the NFTs and are bought in the game using a specific token called GODS. There is also an option to trade these cards on NFT marketplaces. Axies Infinity is the most popular android based NFT game. In this game, you buy axis and train them for battle. This axis represents NFTs and the rewards you earn are also displayed as NFTs.

Are there NFT Games for Consoles like Xbox and PS5?

NFT Games Playstation XBoxThe NFT blockchain technology is now available on various platforms including the Xbox console. If you own an Xbox and crave adventure titles, then ‘The Gardens Between’ might be your first option for an NFT game that is suitable for Xbox consoles. ‘Stormrite’ is suitable for gamers who have a deeper interest in storytelling. This is a story-based game whereby the player must reveal the deepest secret of a twisted kingdom and find ways of fighting enemies. For this game, you can also purchase NFT items on Enjin`s platform and redeem them while playing the ‘Stormrite’ game on your Xbox. You can sell these digital items for a profit to get your money back. You should also keep in mind that you might even lose some money. But we all know every game has a winner and loser!

However, when it comes to PS5 the NFT games are yet to be launched. The launch is not very far from coming since there is already an influx of companies getting into the digital industry and market. PS5 fans must be a little bit patient because NFT games are not going anywhere for the time being! There is a promise of new NFT games launching into the digital market soon.

Are NFT Games the Future of Gaming?

NFT Gaming FutureYes, these NFT assets exist on the blockchain making it impossible for the possibility of theft or loss. Non-fungible tokens are growing rapidly for the past 4 years, especially among investors of cryptocurrency. The largest NFT market (the OpenSea) reported about $10 billion in sales for 2021, thus GameFi is becoming the largest business model for this tremendous growth in sales. Standalone games like Axie Infinity surpassed total sales of $1 billion in August 2021. This means that most developers are beginning to develop a better infrastructure to handle this growth in digital assets. The advantage associated with NFT tokens is the ability of the owner to hold their NFT assets and use them whenever they want. NFTs are proving to be a new revolution in the world of gaming, thus bringing the most foreseeable impact as gamers will now be able to have complete ownership over the unique assets they purchase. This growth is also opening doors for traders of rare assets in the gaming world which is promising to bring in real cash.