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DAP GAP Collaboration Launches their First NFT Project

The DAP GAP hoodie collection is mainly focused on NFTs and how they are shaping different cultures all over the world. Dapper Dan decided to partner with Gap for his first NFT collection. Dapper Dan reported to the media that he was very excited about this partnership and how this project was going to shape cultures even more. The partnership will bring a new hyped DAP GAP Hoodie to the fans.

This partnership agreement commenced on April 12 this year with a 48-hour launch of the digital auction of DAP GAP. This auction included a digital art that was designed by Dapper and a varsity jacket. The auction was followed by gamified drops which included Common, Epic, and Rare level drops. Common was listed on sale for 48 hours on April 5. Rare was listed on April 7 and Epic was listed on April 12. Rare and Epic levels were available on Gap.com/nft in limited editions.

Customers are encouraged to make a collection of the Gap hoodie digital art to make purchases of the Epic limited-edition digital art.

“NFTs are a huge part of what’s shaping culture right now, from analog to the metaverse. I am excited about the opportunity to explore this space with Gap and bring the newly typed Dap Gap hoodie to a whole new audience.” Dapper Dan said.

Dapper Dan

He is a legend in the fashion industry, well known for transforming iconic labels into magnificent pieces. Furthermore, he designed the famous iconic logos for Louis Vuitton that were worn by rappers, celebrities, and music icons in the late 80s and 90s. He is the first black designer to receive a CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award after being nominated at referred by brands like Supreme, Balenciaga, etc. Since the collaboration, Dapper Gap released a hoodie with a signature logo of Gap, thus replacing Gap with ‘’Dap.’’ This latest release is a very fascinating way that Dapper Dan has ever positioned a brand’s logo.

“The Harlem River is like our culture. It’s always there, but it’s always moving. You must pay attention to the current”, says Dapper Dan.

The Harlem Designer

This is a cotton and polyester hoodie that is named the ‘’DAP GAP’’ This new collection also features the same GAP`S iconic lettering, and it is produced in pink, classic black, sky blue, and golden yellow spring colors. The hoodie costs about $98 and is ideal for the warmer months. The ‘’DAP GAP’’ hoodies are available in sizes XS-XXL.
This merge will bring out a new NFT collection like no other, mainly coming out as a gamer-friendly launch. Fans must make sure that their DAP GAP NFTs are fully stacked through the tiered drops. The Harlem tailor hoodie is the Epic digital artwork that carries Dapper Dan’s digital artwork. This game is mainly centered on being a lifestyle game whereby players will be building their villages and making them better places. If you missed out on the second DAP GAP hoodie, drop it, this NFT collection is your second chance to flex a DAP GAP hoodie in the digital space and metaverse.

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