Justin Sun

Justin Sun (TRON Founder) ~ opportunities presented by Crypto art in the future

The founder of TRON Blockchain (Justin Sun), is a top billionaire in the NFT space and has managed to collect NFTs of $100 million and more at the age of 31. Justin Sun came into the spotlight in 2019 when he won at a charity auction, a bid worth $4.6 million. The Sun’s name wasn’t known in the world of wealth and privileges, Justin was born in a small town and he grew up as a rebel in his family. However, he had an ambitious talent in writing that kept him on top of his class in his university days at Peking University.

Doubled with his interest in the stock market, in 2012 he invested in Tesla shares. It was the bet that enabled him to build the TRON empire, creating a platform for 65 million cryptocurrency users in 2018. Founding this empire pushed his name up the success ladder and this is also reflected by the 3.4 million followers he has on Twitter. For the year 2022, Sun has devoted time to his personal and professional development. During this period, he has supported Sydney Xiong (founder of APENFT Foundation) to build this empire, which is a blockchain platform used for exhibiting and sharing art collections.

In January 2022, Sun decided to take another shocking route by stepping down from the TRON empire to be a part of the Grenada government. He became an ambassador for the Grenada government. He aims to raise cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation in the Caribbean. However, he didn’t stop there, Sun won a $28million auction this year and he joined Blue Origin`s crew on a space voyage.

‘’In the next decade, 50% of the top 100 artists in the world would be recorded as NFTs, 80% of the most expensive arts will be NFTs or NFT related’’

Blockchain is a massive technology bridge that is presenting once in a lifetime opportunity of building traditional art into new digital technology. Everything is going digital and this new generation of investors is different from the ones who came before them. In the next decade to come, investing is going to happen in the living room sofas and home offices. The future of the art industry is leaning on future billionaires who will be showing off their art pieces online rather than in their homes. And, in the future, you won’t need to go through the whole process of sending your art pieces from one country to another, but you can just use TRC-721 and send your token to a friend.

NFT Art is the future and we believe in the future. Every art piece will be available online and anybody can see and visit it. The blockchain economy has made this possible through its decentralization properties. The value of NFT art comes from this concept of sharing and yielding the art without the owner`s consent.

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