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Snoop Dogg and the New SuperCuzz NFT Collection

Ever since NFTs hit the digital market, several music icons have joined and embraced this digital world. For decades Snoop Dogg has been known as the cornerstone for Hip Hop, and now he has become an avid collector of NFT creators. Snoop Dogg has turned Death Row records into an NFT label and launched Snoopverse via Sandbox. Snoop Dogg have embraced the digital world together with his music, and he came back to the NFT Marketplace as SuperCuzz. This new drop was announced on Twitter, and it was expected to drop on March 17, 2022.

SuperCuzz The Comic Hero


‘Is born in the streets of Angel City, representing the next generation hero’

SuperCuzz has been brought to the virtual world through the collaboration of BossLogic and Snoop Dogg. SuperCuzz enjoys the high, lavish lifestyle as a crypto trillionaire while stopping evil forces and crime. SuperCuzz has been created as a new comic book superhero, we will take over the world by storm. Web3 has managed to link the book covers from the animation world, graphic stills and Snoop Dogg audios to shape this superhero and his adventures. This collection is presented by iv gallery for fan interactions.

The SuperCuzz collection features two significant series. A series that consists of four limited animal artworks editions which cost $1500 USD per edition and a series of five artworks graphics stills costing $275 UDS per edition. Thus, the NFT drop has Snoop’s voice animations and five graphic stills. These five creative covers were handled by Snoop’s son.

The SuperCuzz collection will be hosted and released on MakersPlace, a premier crypto marketplace. Makerplace is well known for authentic and rare digital artworks. It was launched in 2018 and uses blockchain to facilitate the sale of its original, authentic artworks. MakersPlace has grown and attracted a large audience in the NFT Marketplace and Cryptocurrency worlds.

The original artworks of SuperCuzz were created by the BossLogic (an Australian graphic artist).

The animation drops are titled as follows:


SUPERCUZZ 2: Break Bread or Fake Dead

SUPERCUZZ 3: Believe in the S You’ll Be Relieving Your Stress




BossLogic has been known for years as a huge giant who creates fine art and posts it on social media. He is now digitally recognized and has been commissioned by Marvel and DC for the creation of art in their movies. He has become a famous figure in the NFT space since he launched the work that portrayed Rosario Dawson in 2017. Now, most of his NFT fans can now collect and own some of his artworks via different NFT platforms. BossLogic has been celebrated for his ability to manipulate artwork into stunning creations. Digital producers all over the world have collaborated with BossLogic, including comic book covers and movie posters of Aladdin, Avengers: Endgame, etc.

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